Welcome to the official Of Broken Love website! This is where I will be continuing my current stories and creating new stories. All content here is my property, barring the the characters themselves and anything pertaining to or about people, places, and things that are a part of any specific Anime/Manga. There will be a standard disclaimer at the beginning of every story just to make that clear, so no worries everybody, there’s no copyright infringement happening here.

A fair warning to EVERYONE: This site is based on DARK erotic FanFiction. I feel safe in saying EVERY SINGLE STORY will be MA. That means for Mature Adults. If you’re not an adult, please don’t continue. (I just gotta say this, everyone. I know if you want to read this  my disclaimer won’t stop you.)

Disclaimer – To all my family, friends, and fans: let it be known that I do not advocate rape or anything else of controversial nature on my website. These are purely a works of fiction and most of the people, places, and things are fictional. Anything that is not deemed fictional initially is furthermore fictional in character. This is fantasy and none of it is meant to be taken to heart. If you are offended by this content, please refrain from putting us both in a compromising situation by reading this website.

That said, I hope you all enjoy my site and have a good time reading. Please, feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas; if there are any questions I will respond at my earliest convenience!


~Of Broken Love~

31 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. abc says:

    hope there’s another chapter soon

  2. Derby masked stranger:3 says:

    You r an amazing writer keep doing wut ur doing and live laugh rock out to three days grace:3

  3. Jadee says:

    I love your fics, I´m waiting for the next chapter of modus operandi and storm :B

  4. Rahzel says:

    Ya no aguanto la espera!

  5. Mikayla says:

    You should update The Kill…

  6. luna says:

    please continue tears falling on broken glass

  7. HobbyHorse says:

    All of your stories are awsome. I’m sorry, your mind is kind of all over the place right now. I suggest you listen to calming music. That’s what I do. :)

    Suggested songs:
    Dream within a Dream
    Sail (original and unlimited gravity remix)

  8. Elena says:

    I love the story the kill:3 you should update it^^

  9. are you going to continue your fanifction of trapped in the light?

  10. Reader says:

    I have a question. How can I access the earlier chapters of your stories? You said you discontinued them on FF and I can’t seem to find the place you left off here. Thanks!

  11. sammiekinz09 says:

    I love your stories they’re amazing and I can’t wait to read the continuation of them. where can I find the stories I’m here??? :)

  12. Taraneh Rose says:

    Are you going to be putting your story “The Kill” up here? Also, now drawn in on “Storm” and as I said loving the new rewrite of “Modus Operandi” can’t wait for more.

    • ofbrokenlove says:

      I will be putting up The Kill eventually, I really want to find some way to rework it and make it better before that, which is why it’s taking so long. :(
      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy them. ^_^ have you checked out Red Dawn? I like it rather a lot myself; it’s my newest.

  13. shanielley says:

    ofbrokenlove your such an amazing writer.(Sorry if thats cheesy)
    I literally came across your writing on fanfic.net and I was hooked! I had to read more~ I have practically read everything that’s on here so far, overall I really like Modus Operandi, its so much more realistic and angst-y, its really good and i just cant express that enough. I just wanted to say thank you for writing such wonderful pieces of work and I hope that you continue your an excellent writer.

    • ofbrokenlove says:

      Thank you for your kind review. :) and yes, the plan is to continue writing until I die or at least no longer own a computer. ;) I hope you enjoy everything I continue to post on here. Again, thank you for your kind review. :)
      ~Of Broken Love~

  14. cari says:

    What happened! I hope you’re alright! You were updating regularly but you suddenly stopped:( I’m looking foward to
    Red Dawn and your other stories. Update soon! I’m literally checking twice a day I love your writing you’re amazing. Hope to here from you soon keep up the good work :)

    P.S waiting for the surprise! How is The Kill coming along I really love it can it be a madaxsaku and sasuxsaku

  15. elf says:

    How do I fine you other story that you wrote already, like your madara and sakura storys

  16. elf says:

    Thanks for the help it help a lot :)
    And still great storys always
    Hope you update soon

  17. Lucy says:

    When will you update silver bindings? :)

    • ofbrokenlove says:

      Silver Bindings is far, far down my priorities list right now. If I ever expand on my Pokemon fandom stories, I may move a revamped Silver Bindings as well as whatever other stories to this webpage. However, as of this point in time, I’m not overly attached to the Pokemon fandom and it will be awhile before I finish that. It may end up discontinued. I truly apologize. I am a terrible updater, aren’t I? =(
      Sincere apologies.
      ~Of Broken Love~

  18. gchi says:

    This may sound odd, but when I read your stories that take place in an AU, am I supposed to have a long-haired version of Madara in mind, or has he cut the long flowing locks off? I’m just wondering how practical he finds having long hair in everyday life – not that he’d ever get it caught in a car door or anything….

    • ofbrokenlove says:

      No, Madara has the same version of his hair (and every other feature) in all of my stories, AU and not. Usually I like to put him in a position where his appearance isn’t all that crucial (see The Kill, Modus Operandi, and especially Storm, as that isn’t totally AU.) I think Madara in his natural state is amazing so he always looks the same (although minus the sharingan in the completely non-canon stories.)
      Thanks for asking!
      ~Of Broken Love~

  19. silver_moonshard says:

    I have just started to read your fanfiction at first ill admit I thought it would be to dark for my taste but the way you write your stories makes it ok not to much not to little your stories have become my new obsession to the point I get in trouble because I can’t stop reading.I hope to become a incredible writer like yourself one day.

  20. Sadaharu says:

    Honestly, you’re an amazing writer.
    I don’t even read Naruto Fanfic anymore, but your stories are different from what i usually read, so i will make some effort to read.
    If i’m not mistaken, your first story that i read was SIlver Bindings, really good story, and so, i started to search for fanfics that are in some way similar… It’s really difficult to find.
    Another that i like, is one BakuraxAnzu, if i’m not mistaken.
    If you are going to continue, or plan in a close future to continue, i would be really happy.
    Anyway, your abilities as a writer are incredible, and feel that i need to tell you that.
    As i said, i don’t really read Naruto fanfiction anymore, but i will try, after all, your stories are really good, maybe i will try read some original fiction of yours.
    Sorry if my english is bad.

    • ofbrokenlove says:

      Thank you for your wonderful compliments. Second of all, don’t worry about the English thing. If I speak that well in another language I’d be proud of myself. (I’m working on Japanese and Spanish but nowhere close to proficiency.)
      I would love to hear what you think of my other stories. Thank you for being so nice!
      Of Broken Love

  21. MoaR0125 says:

    Are you alright? I’m a little worried about you here. It’s been quite a while since you updates anything…. Is everything alright there with you?

    • ofbrokenlove says:

      Thank you for your concern!

      Everything is fine, more or less. I have a job now and it’s taken up a lot of time. Also, recently I have lost interest in writing rape erotica, so it has been difficult I update this website. I am truly sorry for the lacks if updates. I promise I will when I can.

      • Isolation says:

        I see, that’s good to hear. For a minute there a I thought something bad happened to you. I’m happy you’re alright more than anything.

  22. ßĿÂČҚ ฿ûŧŧềŘ∫ļÿ says:

    It have been a long time since you’ve updated, are you okey with your job?

    I’am looking forward your fictions, MadaSaku are the best, i really love them. It’s the best fictions i have ever read “Honestly”. You are an amazing writer.

    Are you going to update red dawn, or storm soon, or you will stop ??

  23. nightAslayer says:

    are you ok you haven’t update in a while,loves your stories

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